Dungeon Master

I have friends who–to this day–still meet every week to play Dungeons & Dragons. I’ve never played. Aside from generally never having time for role-playing games or games of any sort, D&D falls strictly into the category of “pointy-eared BS” that I avoid, which also includes the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, Game of Thrones, and basically anything with the word “fantasy” in it. Unless it’s Amazing Adult Fantasy #15.

That said, in my adolescence I did play a role-playing game … once. It was Vampire: The Masquerade (not surprisingly, this was during my proto-Goth period), and it was one of those massive immersive outings, hosted by a local hobby shop at some giant house on the edge of town, where everyone showed up in character/costume, rendering it more like some weird Halloween party. I got way too much into my character (who wore an eyepatch), as did some others, especially the “berserker” coven who generally acted really threatening the whole night.

Anyway, here’s a comic that proves Sean has a life (kinda) outside of randomly bumping into Michelle at college.

Headed to Emerald City Comicon again!

I know (er, hope?) you’d rather see me post a new comic than another blog post, but bear with me for a minute, because if you live in the Seattle area (or really anywhere in the Pacific Northwest), you can come personally punch me in the arm if you’re attending Emerald City Comicon this weekend (March 28-30). I’ll be at the Pop! Goes the Icon booth (1808) as seen in the map below. We’ll be rolling out the latest issue of Omega Comics Presents, which features the “pilot” episode of my new supernatural crime drama, “Eastsiders,” and I’ll also have copies of The Utopian trade paperback, so maybe after you assault me for not ending this hiatus, I can then charm you into buying some comics.

ECCC map

Comixology news and story updates (really!)

Well, if there’s anyone still subscribed to this blog/comic/whatever after five months of hiatus: HI. Happy 2014 (it’s February already? Yikes!). I have news for you, both in the new comic and the old comic categories, so without further adieu:

First, all four issues of the original Utopian comic book series—itself a serialized collection of the original webcomic that ran for 18 months at this here URL—are now available on Comixology. For 99 cents each. Yes, for less than $4 total, you can get the entire backstory for this webcomic soap opera, and then rate it a zillion stars on the Comixology app. Go. Do it. NOW.

Secondly—and more importantly, really—I got back to writing The Utopian Foundation a few weeks ago, and not only do I have the next five or six strips fully scripted, but I have the entire rest of this initial story arc plotted out in detail. Now I just have to draw this stuff! But there WILL be an end to the hiatus coming soon, and when there is, I’ll give you a very specific launch date.

Thanks for your patience and patronage.

Utopian #1 now available on Comixology

I know, I know, I should be drawing new comics, not pimping old ones. But for those of you new to the Utopian world who want to get into the back story without paying $15 for the graphic novel: Comixology is releasing the original four issues over the next few months for only 99 cents to read on your iOS or Android tablet, phone, etc. The first issue went live this week, with more to come soon.

Hiatus will end eventually! Promise! Really!


First I skipped a day, then I skipped a week, then I …

We recently sold our house/home of the last four years. It was something that seemed fiscally smart, but ended up being emotionally stupid. And something that, despite being fully aware of for more than a month, seemed to sneak up on us by the time we had to vacate the house for real and move into a, well, less awesome place. Despite my best efforts, the move consumed more of my time and attention than any move in my 37 years — and I’ve moved around A LOT. So much so, that I did almost NO work during the week of the move. As a freelancer, that’s suicide, folks. It’s not like taking a few days off from your job, where you probably can use personal days or sick time or whatever and still get paid. Nope, you don’t work, you don’t earn.

So, basically, I’ve been playing the worst game of catch-up ever in my life, and the new house still isn’t settled, and that publishing company I “run” won’t run itself, and, well, one thing had to drop, despite my best intentions, and that thing was … this webcomic. However, I do have the next several strips plotted/scripted and all I need to do is find a few hours to draw them, which is of course as hard as it sounds. But I wanted to drop in and let all two of you know that, no, I did not fall off the face of the Earth, and yes, the Utopian Foundation will continue. This unexpected hiatus might just last another few days. Thanks for your patience and readership.

Birthday hiatus

OK, it’s really just one day off. And not entirely off! I mean, I’m working on the next strip. EVIDENCE:


But Sunday WAS my birthday, so I’ll use that as an excuse for a one-day hiatus. In truth, I have some re-jiggering to do with the website in preparation for some promotional things (plus a lot of stuff is out of date), so I’ll be working on that over the weekend. We’ll be back next week with two new strips, a new look, and hopefully me being caught up (hence the other reason for the quick break).

Enjoy the silence!

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is here!

All right, so I’m feverishly (that’s the only way we do things here in Vegas in June) finishing up this week’s strips (stay tuned), chew on this kinda-news: I’ll be at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con this weekend (June 14-16), kissing babies and selling comics at Artist Alley table 112, which should be right about here:

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

Given this is my home base and I can return to my house afterward each night, I don’t foresee the delays in updating this comic like I did with Denver Comic Con, in case the one of you were wondering.

See you there!

Denver Comic Con & Hiatus

The good: This weekend, May 31-June 2, 2013, I’ll be at Denver Comic Con inside the Colorado Convention Center, holding down the fort at Artist Valley table J5A-8. I’ll have fresh copies of The Utopian vol. 1 in trade paperback as well as a bunch of other comics my hands have touched, so if you’re attending the show, please stop by. Here’s where to find me:


The bad: Between prepping for DCC and two other shows this month, plus my usual over-workload, The Utopian Foundation will be on hiatus this week. As usual, it’s timed between major story movements, so as to minimize the interruption, but it still sucks to have to do it. Ah well.

Hope to see you in Denver!