Well, if there’s anyone still subscribed to this blog/comic/whatever after five months of hiatus: HI. Happy 2014 (it’s February already? Yikes!). I have news for you, both in the new comic and the old comic categories, so without further adieu:

First, all four issues of the original Utopian comic book series—itself a serialized collection of the original webcomic that ran for 18 months at this here URL—are now available on Comixology. For 99 cents each. Yes, for less than $4 total, you can get the entire backstory for this webcomic soap opera, and then rate it a zillion stars on the Comixology app. Go. Do it. NOW.

Secondly—and more importantly, really—I got back to writing The Utopian Foundation a few weeks ago, and not only do I have the next five or six strips fully scripted, but I have the entire rest of this initial story arc plotted out in detail. Now I just have to draw this stuff! But there WILL be an end to the hiatus coming soon, and when there is, I’ll give you a very specific launch date.

Thanks for your patience and patronage.