No new comic today, mainly because in light of the last few days’ horrible killings around the U.S., it just doesn’t seem right to publish something so mundane as a webcomic, especially one that’s currently four years old and not addressing the reality of today.

I’m sad, guys. I’m sad that we can’t all get along. I’m sad that those in positions of power continue to abuse that power. I’m sad that everything I thought my generation was going to fix in terms of social and systemic equality just didn’t get fixed, and if anything, seems worse than ever. I’m sad that my white privilege is a real thing. I’m sad that there are legit people out there who actually think and say things like this:

Joe Walsh racist tweet


I don’t know. It feels like the grand experiment that’s the United States, or perhaps the entire human race, is coming to an end, and it’s a failure. Nice try, I guess?

Be safe out there.