Hey, remember that great cliffhanger I left you with last week? Well, savor it, because we’re going on a little summer hiatus. There’s a few reasons. One of which is needing to just plain ol’ get caught up on this here series. But another is because things in my personal life are about to become very hectic (for good reasons, promise!), so I’m just not going to put the added pressure of getting this comic out, nor do I want to set up any false expectations.

So how long will the hiatus be? Probably a month, six weeks at the most. In that time, I’m also going to be working on preparing digital and print collections of these comics to make them available to folks in different places and on different platforms, and making plans to get back to the comic convention circuit. Because as much as I sometimes loathe spending three days in a convention center, I also really miss the great connections made with real live people. So stay tuned for that, too.