I know we’re still within the six weeks I estimated for this current hiatus, but wanted to drop by with an update. The big reason for the break is that I recently finished moving from Las Vegas to Huntington Beach, Calif., and man, let me tell you, moving 300 miles across the desert is way more demanding than moving 3 miles across town. But we made it, yay.

However, I’m not going to be “settled” for a while. My current home office is, well, just a collection of boxes. I have no desk, no chair, nowhere to plug in all the digital stuff necessary to produce new Utopian strips. I’ve been working on a laptop in my living room, the only room with any sort of seating. Plus, we have a LOT of boxes to get through (not that I can do much with them until new furniture arrives) and just general chaos to deal with (one of our dogs is currently wearing a cone). So… it seems like this hiatus MIGHT last a little longer than expected.

On the flip side, I found out I was accepted for a spot in Artist Alley at next year’s Emerald City Comicon! To be honest, I totally forgot that I even applied. This is the first time doing ECCC since it became as ReedPOP show (I’ve done ECCC as both an exhibitor and an artist several times before), and the first time I’ve been accepted to any ReedPOP show’s curated Artist Alley, so it’s pretty exciting. It also means by March I have a lot to get done.

But first, I have to get ready for Long Beach Comic Con, which is only two weeks away (!!), and it’s highly possible some of the things I need for the show are in a storage unit in Las Vegas, so … we’ll see how that goes. Stay tuned.