In the process of republishing these strips and reading the original commentary that accompanied them, I realize that I didn’t have anything planned out originally, plot-wise. I was producing these comics on the fly, often writing and drawing them the night before they were posted. It’s kind of interesting how much my process for this comic has changed, then, because I have the new comics loosely plotted out about 25 strips in advance, and with the luxury of time while reposting the “old” comics, I’ve been able to get about a dozen or so finished strips “in the bank.”

All that said, that cushion is waning as each week passes, and I’m taking today (actually a day before you read this) to hammer out some scripts, because that bank is going to be drained quickly if I don’t stop messing around.

Concurrently, I’ve started reposting strips from my other webcomic, Sequential Madness, and producing new ones as well. Eventually, I’d like to get to a place where you have new Pj comic content daily (not counting “old” Pj comic content over at Homemade Comics). Until someone tells me to stop.