The Utopian: Foundation is essentially a webcomic soap opera, so there are plenty of characters to keep track of. Here’s a (hopefully) handy guide:

Michelle Matterson

Michelle Matterson

A freshman at Valley University, Michelle recently graduated from Sagebrush High School, where she was the school’s newspaper editor – and the Utopian’s confidant. She is a co-founding board member of the Utopian Foundation and staff writer for The Valley Eye, the college’s newspaper.


Alexis KaplanAlexis Kaplan

Alexis was Michelle’s best pal at Sagebrush High, but even though both are now attending Valley University, they are distancing, as Alexis now lives on campus and has joined a sorority, Delta Zeta.



Sean PalmerSean Palmer

A freshman at Valley University and graduate of Sagebrush High, Sean was James’ best friend. Since starting college, he has become good friends with Michelle.



Terrence “T-Rex” Smith

A senior at Sagebrush High, Terrence is a former gang member who, inspired by James Douglas’ sacrifice, decided to change his life and volunteer his time as a program coordinator at the Utopian Foundation’s James Douglas Center for Conflict Resolution.


Luis AguilaLuis Aguila

A sophomore at Sagebrush High, Luis is the younger brother of Nate Aguila. Luis is a paraplegic, confined to a wheelchair after suffering nerve damage from an incident provoked by use of illicit drugs.



Danielle PerryDanielle Perry

Danielle is also a senior at Sagebrush High, and is the older sister of Danny Perry, who died during a lightning storm while pursuing his hero, The Utopian.



Kimberly StephensKimberly Stephens

Kimberly is a also senior at Sagebrush High School and is Danielle’s good friend.




David Perry

David Perry

Mr. Perry is Danielle and Danny Perry’s father. He is the founding donor of the Utopian Foundation, and current Foundation board president.



Nate AguilaNate Aguila

A former football star at Sagebrush High, Nate got a full-ride scholarship to Western State University, leaving behind his younger brother Luis to make his own way at Sagebrush.



Amanda RighlandAmanda Righland

Amanda Righland is a smart, brash — but kind — sophomore at Sagebrush High. She likes indie rock, volunteers at a no-kill animal shelter, and considers befriending Luis Aguila a worthy challenge.



Eric MoralesEric Morales

Eric is the editor-in-chief of The Valley Eye, Valley University’s student-run newspaper.



Kevin ThompsonKevin Thompson

Kevin is the student body president at Valley University.




Richard Praglin

Richard Praglin

The principal of Sagebrush High, Praglin was often at odds with The Utopian, but following James Douglas’ death, has become a supporter of the Utopian Foundation’s mission and helped establish the James M. Douglas Center for Conflict Resolution on his campus.


Mr. AndersonMr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson teaches physics at Sagebrush High School. He’s known for being a teacher students can turn to.



Jerry BrownJerry Brown

Jerry Brown is a school district police officer assigned to Sagebrush High School.



Shirley MacyShirley Macy

Shirley Macy works in the school district’s Specialized Human Resources department.



James DouglasJames Douglas

James was a frustrated senior at Sagebrush High School who created the identity of “The Utopian” to combat what he perceived as injustice around him. His mysterious death “in the line of duty” effected the change he wished to see in the school and community.