Tying back together all the threads that have unspooled over the course of not just this comic strip but the gala specifically is proving to be challenging. I’m realizing I’ve lost track of a few characters, so in the course of plotting out the next dozen or so strips, I’m trying to squeeze in time for everyone.

Also, we’re about 6 weeks away from Emerald City Comic Con, and I am not prepared at all. Usually, I just throw my usual stash of comics and prints into a box and head to whatever event, but this is my first time at ECCC’s Artist Alley in several years, and I really want to make sure I have new stuff for people to enjoy. To get prepared, I have to (in theory) complete about 14 or so Utopian Foundation strips, layout & design 2 books, design 1 banner, design 2 buttons AND still work full-time, eat and sleep.