Having a rough / busy week (but not as rough as nearly everyone in the United States not named Donald Trump), so thankfully, the commentary from this strip’s original posting on July 25, 2013 is still highly relevant and helpful:

Most of what we read about in the news related to investigations of allegations of sexual misconduct by school faculty is birds’ eye view or after-the-fact reporting. We’re not (for obvious reasons) privy to the internal workings of an investigation. So doing research for this whole sub-plot has been maddening at times. While this is a fictional world and I can make up any rules necessary, I do try to keep this strip as “real” as possible. Even the smallest details, like what kind of enrollment forms are needed to sign up for a wheelchair basketball workshop, are actually very well researched. I mined the policies and regulations of the Clark County School District to get some insight on how sexual harassment investigations are conducted. It helped inform this strip a bit, as much as I needed it to.

So yeah, when these strips are late, it’s often not because of the time spent doing actual writing or drawing or lettering, but because of my obsessive research. Don’t ask how long I spent “building” the Anderson house featured in the previous two strips.